Let’s Start Cooking!

At KITCHEN TIMES, we can help you make your time in the kitchen more FUN, INTERESTING, and PRODUCTIVE with a cooking coach!

Our mission at KITCHEN TIMES is to revolutionize your cooking routine. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or just starting out, we’re here to make every moment in the kitchen exciting and fulfilling. You’ll discover a new world of culinary possibilities with our innovative tools, inspiring recipes, and expert tips. Say goodbye to dull meals and hello to a kitchen adventure like never before!

cooking coach

We use our experience to create yours.

Learning to prepare your own food takes more effort than finding a recipe for your favourite dish.

  • Organize your shopping list
  • Organize your kitchen – workspace, tools
  • Stock your shelves so you can make or find something to eat at any time
  • Learn HOW to COOK – knife skills, the terms
  • Learn how to select the right recipe!
  • Learn how to vary a recipe so you will enjoy it

How I became a Cooking Coach

I can’t go through a week without going out to eat at least once per week! That used to be my mantra. Now, I rarely go out to eat.  What changed?  Me – I got really broke.  Then I started to plan. I already knew how to cook. I like cooking with others in the…
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