Let’s Start Cooking!

At KITCHEN TIMES we can help you to make your time in the kitchen more FUN, INTERESTING and PRODUCTIVE!

We use our experience to create yours

Learning to prepare your own food takes more effort than finding a recipe for preparing your favorite dish.

  • Organize your shopping list
  • Organize your kitchen – workspace, tools
  • Stock your shelves so you can make or find something to eat at any time
  • Learn HOW to COOK – knife skills, the terms
  • Learn how to select the right recipe!
  • Learn how to vary a recipe so you will enjoy it

How I became a Cooking Coach

I can’t go through a week without going out to eat at least once per week! That used to be my mantra. Now, I rarely go out to eat.  What changed?  Me – I got really broke.  Then I started to plan. I already knew how to cook. I like cooking with others in the…
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