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Mary dedicates her business to helping time-starved, busy professionals shop and cook healthy, economical meals. Such a lifesaver in today's world.

Darlene Huff // The Coaching Suite

Wealth of knowledge and experience in the kitchen. If you want to develop the love of cooking, she is the one to contact.

Tina Short // A Memorable Gift

Always had a brilliant tip to make cooking easier and less of a chore!

Kayla Balfour // Lift Wellness

Chef Mary graduated from George Brown's Culinary Management Program in Toronto, Canada and completed her Certified Chef Training at BCIT in Vancouver, Canada. She worked as a professional cook at the acclaimed Herald St. CafĂ© in Victoria, Canada. Mary  has been an active and distinguished Toastmaster since 2008.

She loves to garden with her husband - they sold vegetables at a farm market for 3 years.