How I became a Cooking Coach

I can’t go through a week without going out to eat at least once per week!

That used to be my mantra.

Now, I rarely go out to eat.  What changed?  Me – I got really broke.  Then I started to plan.

I already knew how to cook.

I like cooking with others in the kitchen. My son was always allowed in the kitchen to help me. Now, at the age of 28, he rarely goes out to eat.   More about him another time.

I grew up cooking because my mom did not like to cook.  I attended George Brown College in Toronto and earned my diploma in Culinary Management.  Years later, I earned my Chef’s papers.  But the daily grind of preparing each meal is hard.

I needed to start planning so I could make some dinners with minimal effort.

Let me help you to learn to cook and be able to prepare meals at home each day. Why are you reading about cooking? Do you want to save money, get healthier or both? Cooking can also be a social occasion. Invite friends to cook with you. We can explore the many ways that cooking can become a part of your life.

Come back soon. This is my first post. I have a plan for a journey which I hope will include you!

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