At KITCHEN TIMES we can help you to make your time in the kitchen more FUN, INTERESTING and PRODUCTIVE!

You can start cooking today * Make your own lunches for work or school * Eat food that you and your family enjoy * Save money for ????? anything you want!

Learning to prepare your own food takes more effort than finding a recipe for preparing your favorite dish.

  • Organize your shopping list
  • Organize your kitchen – workspace, tools
  • Stock your shelves so you can make or find something to eat at any time
  • Learn HOW to COOK – knife skills, the terms
  • Learn how to select the right recipe!
  • Learn how to vary a recipe so you will enjoy it
Always had a brilliant tip to make cooking easier and less of a chore!
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Mary dedicates her business to helping time-starved, busy professionals shop and cook healthy, economical meals. Such a lifesaver in today’s world.
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Wealth of knowledge and experience in the kitchen. If you want to develop the love of cooking, she is the one to contact. Mary has a passion for cooking and showing people how they can learn to enjoy cooking and shopping for healthy foods and even growing their own
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Mary has extensive knowledge and provides wonderful tips to make meal preparation enjoyable!
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I used to spend a lot of money on food, at restaurants and at home.  I was getting really broke!  Gradually I developed a plan so I could spend less on food and still eat healthy.  I used to believe that I could not get through each week 

I also taught my son to cook – he could chop vegetables before he could reach the kitchen counter, by standing on a stool.  He rarely eats at restaurants because he cooks for himself. We used to go grocery shopping together, every 2 weeks.  


  •  Earned Culinary Management degree at George Brown College in Toronto Ontario Canada
  •  Earned my chefs papers at BCIT in Burnaby BC Canada
  • Cooked professionally for 10 years

I have cooked at home since forever – much to the chagrin of my father who did not always appreciate my selections.  Dinner by Mary was not always “meat, potatoes and vegetables”.


We grow many of our vegetables. We rarely eat at restaurants. Our food bill is very small.  When my spouse and I do not want to prepare dinner, we find something easier to make, or we work together. We have a loose arrangement that when one prepares dinner, the other cleans the kitchen. We clean as we go so there is less to do after cooking. We each are responsible for our own breakfasts and lunches.

There are many other hints that I can share with you.   Come back again for more ideas. Plus we can work together to figure out how you can start cooking too.